Guyana dismisses Venezuela’s destabilization claim

Guyana has categorically dismissed claims by Venezuela that it is part of an “international media campaign” and is participating in “an international effort” to destabilize Venezuela.Such allegations do not even merit a response, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said in a statement.
The Government of Venezuela has issued a release — carried in the Guyana media — denying reports that its troops had fired on Guyanese officials traversing the Cuyuni River on May 30. That release suggested that Guyana had fabricated the story.
Guyana has reiterated its position that Venezuela must desist from provocative actions on its border, since such acts could only lead to the destabilization of relations between the two countries.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also noted that it was unfortunate that Guyana was not afforded the courtesy of an official response to the Diplomatic Note which was sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela on the matter.
“The statement which the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has chosen to release to the media flies in the face of direct reports which the authorities of Guyana received from the victims, as well as the explanation which the representatives of Guyana’s military received on May 3l from the Venezuelan Corporal-in-Charge of the six troops who were involved in the incident,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement said. It added: “The Venezuelan authorities would have done well to have checked with the troops in question at the Observation Post (at) La Boca on Ankoko Island, who had furnished Guyana’s investigators with an explanation, which the Government of Guyana believes and which it has found to involve unacceptable behavior because it assumed that (Venezuela) had rights of policing the river which is in Guyana’s territory.”
The Foreign Affairs Ministry noted that such action had, in the past, led to the loss of lives, and contended that for Caracas to brush off the latest shooting incident was highly irresponsible.
It also stated that Guyana has been, and will continue to be, a peaceful and law-abiding neighbor, with no interest in any other country’s territory or in destabilizing its administration.